SOCCER, field hockey, training and tournaments available.


The ALLIED Field Hockey program was started in the Spring of 2002 and is open to both girls and boys from ages 5-18. In the last eight years the program has grown from 283 to more than 500 girls and boys playing on Recreational and Select teams throughout the state of Virginia.

Interest and enthusiasm are the only requirements for playing. The success of the field hockey program is the result of many dedicated parents and volunteers who organize and/or coach the teams.
The SPRING/FALL 2014 teams will consist of approximately 10-13 players. Allied FH playes on a smaller field with 7 players on a team. (six field players and one goalie; if no goalie you may play with 7 field players) Practice times and locations are determined by the coaches, and are usually held 1-2 times a week at the beginning of the season and less frequently when games begin. Practices are one to two hours depending on level of play. The only way to guarantee your child a particular practice schedule is to volunteer as a coach for that team.
Teams are generally organized by players’ neighborhoods/school zones. Since we serve such a large geographic area, it becomes difficult for players to get to practice if we organize teams using any other criteria.
We follow the rules of play as governed by the US FIELD HOCKEY AND INTERNATIONAL PLAY. Games for all age ranges are usually played on Saturdays at the Clover Hill Athletic Complex off Genito Road in Chesterfield County, although other times and locations may be used as necessary.
U07/U09 LITTLE STICKS - BIRTHDAY RANGE 1/1/2005 -12/31/2009
U11 - BIRTHDAY RANGE 1/1/2003 - 12/31/2004
U13 - BIRTHDAY RANGE 1/1/2001 - 12/31/2002
U15 - JV FH - BIRTHDAY RANGE 1/1/1999 - 12/31/2000
U19 - VARSITY FH - BIRTHDAY RANGE 1/1/1995 - 12/31/1998

U07/U09 TURF TYKES (Girls/Boys):
This is a combined clinic-and-gameplay program with emphasis on instruction and skills building and less on competition. Teams will gather on Saturday morning for clinic work using a curriculum provided by the club. Players will progress through stations for skills instruction, with one coach conducting each skill station. The clinic will be followed by team scrimmages, during which coaches may be on the field to assist with gameplay.
U11 (Girls/Boys):
The emphasis at the U11 Program will still be on skills and instruction but players will be assigned to a team with a coach and a goalkeeper. Teams will be of equal talent and games will be played with normal rules but on a half-size field. Games will be refereed by Allied Field Hockey officials.
U13 (Girls/Boys):
The U13 program puts an emphasis on basic skills. Many beginners start playing field hockey at this level. All aspects of the game are played at this level. Games are played on a full-size field with a goalie and are primarily played on the week-ends; however, some games may be scheduled during the week as needed.
U15 (Girls/Boys):
The U15  program is open to players of all levels of ability, including beginners. This age group starts to line up with the player's future or current high school and/or other high schools in their geographic area.
U19 VARSITY (Girls/Boys):
The VARSITY program is open to players of all level of ability, including beginners. Teams will be formed by high school attended and/or close in geographic area.

U11-U19 Girls age group ($85) - All players will receive a tee shirt included with the registration fees. These may be worn with black or navy blue athletic shorts.
U7/09 Little Sticks ($50). – All players will receive a tee shirt included with the registration fees. These may be worn with black or navy blue athletic shorts.

The field hockey program requires the player to have a field hockey stick, shin guards and a colored mouthpiece.
If you have any questions about any of the programs offered at Allied Field Hockey, please do not hesitate to call 901-1190 or e-mail