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Field Hockey Q & A

How do you know what size stick is best for you?
There are many theories regarding the best stick length for a player, but generally stick length is a function of height.
Up to 4': 29"
4'2" to 4'5": 31"
4'5" to 4'8": 32"
4'8" to 4'10": 33"
4'10 to 5'1": 34"
5'1" to 5'4": 35"
5'5" to 5'9": 36"
Over 5'9": 37" to 38"

How much should a stick weigh?
Most players use a medium weight stick (M). Light sticks (L) are sometimes used by offensive players for quicker stickwork. Heavy sticks (H or T) are sometimes preferred by defensive players to increase the power of drives and the weight of the stick for tackling.

Light (L): 18.0 - 19.5 oz. | Medium (M): 19.5 - 20.5 oz. | Heavy (H or T): 20.5 + oz.
Can High School Players wear a clear mouthguard?
No, the NFHS requires players to wear colored mouthguards.
What is the maximum bow permitted?
Effective January 1, 2007, the player's stick shall weigh no more than 23 ounces and cannot exceed a bow of 25mm.
Do they make left handed sticks?
No, there are only right handed field hockey sticks.
Is it better to have a longer stick for your size?
You should use a stick you are most comfortable with and that is suitable for your height.
Would you recommend a composite stick for a beginner player?
We would recommend a composite stick to those more experienced players. Composite sticks have a bigger rebound and beginners may find this hard to control.
Should my composite stick chip?
Yes, the paint on composite sticks will chip. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the game of field hockey some chipping will occur with the graphics of your stick. Chipping of the graphics does not affect the playability of your stick.
What is a good defender stick?
Well, there isn’t really such a thing. It is important to know your strengths and weaknesses before choosing a stick. Some defenders prefer sticks that have a carbon reinforcement or are composite (for greater power when hitting the ball) but you need to find the stick that is right for you as a player and will make the most out of your strengths while improving your weaknesses.
What are the advantages/disadvantages to using a composite stick?
Composite sticks offer several advantages over wood but also have several drawbacks associated with them as well. In general, composite sticks are thought to have greater striking power when hitting the ball. They also have a maxi toe construction which allows for greater lift when executing long flicks. However, most composite sticks do not have as nice of a touch as a wooden stick offers. Generally, wood has better ball control properties. Again, it is important to determine what your personal strengths and weaknesses are when choosing the stick that is right for you.
Are composite sticks legal?
Yes, according to FIH and US high school rules a stick shall not be made of metal. The composite sticks do not contain any metal and have been certified as legal for play in the United States.